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How to share an office in Nested

Nested.net is a workspace marketplace to rent out flexible office spaces that uses a talent matching system to generate professional synergies between those offering workspaces and those who are looking for one.

I have a workspace to share temporarily with someone talented

Do you have an office, a workplace or a meeting room, corporate space, etc. available? Then you are a host.

Nested helps you make your workspaces profitable by hours, days or months, offering it to professionals with whom you can build professional synergies.

  1. Post your workspace in Nested.net

    Click on "Post your workspace", fill in the information, choose the option "I want to monetize my extra space" and confirm the email at nested.net.

  2. Advertise your space(s) for free and attract talent

    Create the profile of your workspace(s) in just a few minutes. Describe your company, its culture, the space and choose which type of professional or company you would like to collaborate with. The more complete and persuasive you are, the more chances you will have for success.

  3. A picture is worth a thousand words

    Choose quality images that allow the possible guest to get an idea as accurate as possible of your space. They play an important part in the user's decision.

  4. You're in control! Receive reservation requests!

    You choose the price, the kind of availability and decide to whom and when you rent your space. Once you receive a reservation request, you will have 48 business hours to accept or reject it.

  5. Monetize your space and attract talent without worries

    Get extra money by temporarily renting the space you do not use. Nested manages all payments to ensure you get paid promptly. We will deal with the paperwork and provide you with a contract model.

  6. Pamper your guests and spread that you are on Nested.net

    Make your guests enjoy their stay. They will make an assessment of their experience and receiving a good score will increase your chances of being chosen by others. Spread the word across your channels and networks for everyone to know that your space can be rented flexibly.