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Frequently Asked Questions

Nested.net is a workspace marketplace to rent out flexible office spaces that uses a talent matching system to generate professional synergies between those offering workspaces and those who are looking for one.

Host related questions

We have put together some questions that the hosts usually have
  1. ¿Can I post a workspace in Nested?

    Yes! Whether you’re a startup, a company or a professional, you can. If you have underused or intended for rent workspaces, you can post them for free on Nested.

  2. ¿What kind of spaces can I post?

    You can post all kinds of workspaces on Nested; whether they’re worktables in a shared space, a closed office, a meeting room, a boardroom, a training room or even a part of your office. If the space is furnished, has WIFI and is ready to work, you can post it on Nested! You cannot post spaces for other uses such as rooms with stretchers to make any kind of treatment, rooms designed to give yoga or dance lessons, residential rooms or hotel stays. If you’re not sure whether your space fits in Nested, please contact us at [email protected] or through the website’s chat.
  3. ¿How can I list a workspace in Nested?

    Go to nested.net and click on “List your workspace”

    Enter your name, surname, email address, create a password and click on “I want to monetize my extra workspace”.

    Validate your account by clicking on the link you will receive at the provided address and then follow the steps of the sign-up process in the website.

  4. What contractual aspects bind me to potential users?

    Nested provides you with an example of a contract model that details the agreement between the guest and you, although the final decision regarding the type of agreement you sign is yours (both guest and host). This document includes the booking conditions of the space, the names and data of the two parties, price, duration, and the services offered.
  5. How many spaces can I list in Nested?

    You can list all your available workspaces in Nested. If you offer more than one type of space, each must have its own advertisement, for example, if you offer two different types of desks, each with its own characteristics, schedule and conditions, they must be published in two separate ads.
  6. Is there a charge for listing spaces on the platform?

    Publishing ads on our platform is completely free. The moment you accept a reservation of your space, we will charge the user the price of the reservation, our intermediation fee and the VAT in a disaggregated way. This way the user knows at all times what part is paid for your space and what part for our services.
  7. How should the ads be?

    Each ad must describe the conditions and characteristics of a particular type of space. If you offer more than one type of space, these should go in separate ads. Remember that an eye-catching ad has more chances of getting customers.
  8. How should the pictures of the workspace be?

    In order for the user to see the space that will be reserved, we ask that you add specific photographs of the space that you offer. In addition, you can add photos of the shared spaces, the environment or any detail of your installations that you wish to highlight. Good pictures showing people are also basic to attract customers!
  9. When should I create more than one venue/location (sede)?

    If your company offers or manages spaces in different addresses, you must create a separate venue for each different address that you manage. Thus from the same account you can manage all your spaces.
  10. How must the photograph of the venue be?

    The main photograph of each venue will be shared by all the spaces you publish in it. We recommend that it be a photograph that illustrates well the philosophy of your space. It can show your building, the reception, a shared space or it can be a photograph that illustrates well your way of working.
  11. ¿What happens when there is a request for booking my space?

    If a user makes a reservation request for your space, you will receive an email with the information regarding the reservation. You have 48 hours to accept or reject the reservation request. If you do not accept or reject it within 48 hours, the application will be canceled. If the user's profile does not interest you or you simply do not have the space available for the period requested, you can reject the request without any penalty. You always have control over potential guests in your space.
  12. How do I receive the money from the reservation?

    48 hours after the guest's entry into your space, you will receive by transfer the amount set as price plus VAT.
  13. What if I am not interested in a certain reservation request?

    No problem! You have absolute control over the reservations requested to you. If a reservation does not interest you or you cannot take it, you can reject it without any penalty.
  14. Can I cancel a reservation that has already been confirmed?

    If you notify us that you want to cancel the reservation and do so at least 72 working hours before the guest or guests occupy the space, we will do our best to try to solve it and mediate amicably, although we can not guarantee the cancellation.
  15. What obligations do I have?

    You must always guarantee the availability of the space during the confirmed reservation period. You must also guarantee that the space has the furniture and all the services specified in the advertisement at the time the reservation request was made. In addition, you must be present on the day and at the time that your guest or guests are going to occupy the space in order to provide them access and help them with all the appropriate indications.
  16. ¿ What happens if there is any damage to my facilities during the period that the guest uses them?

    We advise you to always make an inventory with your guest when delivering the space to avoid any problems or misunderstandings. We also recommend that you be present at all times while the guest is using the space. The host must always have a liability insurance policy that covers the main risks hired for its facilities. 
  17. Who should I contact if there is a problem?

    If there is any type of incident, please contact us by email at [email protected]
  18. Do you have any other question?